iText® 5.1 Released

We’ve released a new version of iText. Version 5.1


  • the RichMedia package got removed from itextpdf core to itext-xtra
  • the HTMLWorker has been reworked in a new project: ‘xmlworker’. Developers using the HTMLWorker should take a look at the XMLWorker 0.9.1, it supports more CSS and HTML, and will be released later today. It’s a separate project
  • for developers a Logger has been added, next up is add more logging, currently it’s used … almost nowhere
  • various bugfixes
  • should be osgi enabled
  • the source code has been mavenized
  • the RUPS source has been moved to a separate project too

For a full list see this

and itext is now available in Maven Central !! search for com.itextpdf and you’ll find it

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