me versus msie

While refactoring a site I work on as admin for a while now, I encountered again the frustration of Microsoft Internet Explorer that can’t handle CSS in the right way. While creating the CSS file for it, I always check multiple browsers. But of course I must forget to check the site in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. The result of not checking is that you can start writing your css almost again from top to bottom.
You would except Microsoft to follow standards a little bit more after the 7th release of the most popular browser in the world. ( Yes they still have a 60% to 70% marketshare in the browser world) But no, IE rather sets new standard or tries to create them. It is my sincere hope that IE developers never ever get too much to say on W3C recommendations, cause we would al get screwed.
I started to hate Internet Explorer from the first time I used it, and my hate only grows stronger. It has come this far that I would love to implement a pop-up in every site on the world that says IE-users to go download something else. Something like Firefox (with NoScript of course), Opera, Netscape, Safari (but not the windows bèta, who sucked till now) or even Lynx!
Lynx still one of my favorite browsers to quickly look up things on the net. No crap in there, wonderfull to act as googlebot.
But since I don’t have acces (yet) to all the sites of the world and most clients don’t appreciate me throwing pop-ups around. I will just start to do it on my own site.

Hé, I needed to get rid of my IE-frustration ! Join me in the war on IE !

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