pl spambot

Hmm, recently i received a subscription for a mailing list for an e-mail address
I found this email to be very suspicious. After using a certain search enGine, an amazingly 538 results came out it. I could conclude this is a fake-mail used by a spambot that checks the whole web or parts of it with the intention to fill in links in all forums, guestbooks and …

I presume that their bot isn’t written very well since there is nothing to post, only a subscription to get. Maybe the spammers wanted to get all the email addresses from my list. Do they really think I mass mail the list in one mail and CC al my members? NOOBS !

Another possibility is that they are trying to hack the site. But… why would they? To send spam from it? NOOBS. Although 90% of the emails on internet are most likely to be spam. I never read them and I hope that counts for everybody. tricked me into start mining much more data of site visitors. Thank you.

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