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Indeed, yet another blog. While there are already many booming blog communities. You probably wonder. ‘Why this’. Actually I just wonder it myself. I’m not that of a writer except programming code in Java and Php.

But maybe, who knows, once in a while I could have something to say. Hopefully not only about programming applications and other nerdy stuff. No ! I’m a nerd with a social life, who is also interested in politics and environment issues. call it a geek !However currently I’m pritty occupied with studying J2EE Application and Webcomponent development, so I don’t think there will come very much new and enlightened stuff upon this space in the beginning.

In the near future I will probably add links to applications that I use and discover and write some sort of review of them. Further more I’d like to share things that I have been working on and that brought me into, for me, undiscovered regions of the developing ‘things’ world. Also tips, tricks and stuff I had to search for and have had hard to find, so maybe you, and others out here don’t have to search so long for them too.

And to be honest one of the main reason for the start-up of this particular blog is that I just wanted to see WordPress in action on my shared-hosting accounts and experiment a little bit with it. You never know what can grow out of it, or not.

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