Drupal 6.2 tested

Recently i checked out Drupal ( a PHP content managing system). I installed it locally to test it. And removed it 30 minutes later.

You probably ask yourself: “How can you test it in 30 minutes?”. Easy: you can’t test the full functionality. If every page load in the admin screen takes about an average +5 seconds (on a Dual Core 2Ghz – 2GB-Ram, apache/mysql/php5.2.5 full option), do you expect me to continue testing it?

No thanks. I rather spend my time on other things then waiting. So I browsed some drupal forums too see if it’s a common issue, and guess what, I was not the only one experiencing this slow response.


Yes, you’re a genius! When I removed .htaccess performance jumped to the same level as Drupal 5.7
Someone should find out why as I am just playing on localhost but when I deploy I certainly want .htaccess active

indeed .htacces is wanted active, not an option 🙂

Also, could you be using Vista? There is a very similar-looking bug that sometimes manifests on localhost vista installations due to some peculiarity with the Vista IPv6 implementation. There’s an issue about it somewhere.

i’m not on Vista

Although the features of drupal look nice, the performance is a big issue. I can barely imagine what slow repsonse times drupal will give on shared hosting.

Keep me up to date when the performance is fixed, I might check it again. For now, I’ll keep on developing on a per site basis, with just re-using my modules, or using wordpress as sort of CMS.

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  1. I run a Drupal 6.2 install on my localhost and page loads are far under one second. I’m on linux but I also run some sites on shared hosts and don’t experience slow page loads there either. Locally I haven’t done any apache performance tweaks nor do I modify the default .htaccess so I don’t think the issue you experienced is wide-spread.

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