Quantum12 and his mission

Interesting comment paster Quantum12 from TPB wrote/copy/pastes it everywhere, it seems he/she made it his/her mission to enlighten the people:

Read the message:

For centuries now, people have been indoctrinated into the notion that competition is BENEFICIAL to the species. It’s insane.

People actually believe that working against each other is the best thing for humanity. They are brainwashed into thinking that fighting for the same small portion of resources passed down from the top of the pyramid is the smartest thing to do.

How much longer will people be this stupid? When will they learn that the entire purpose of dividing us is precisely so that we can never rise to facilitate change? There is no trust because everyone wants the same jobs, the same resources and the same small percentage of wealth. Over 95 percent of the world?s wealth is owned by less than 1 percent of the population.

The answer to fighting crime isn’t to put more police on the streets. Crime can only be defeated by removing the inequality that gives people the incentive to commit it in the first place. Politicians know this but are trapped in the system just like everybody else. Political success requires massive amounts of funding to be pumped into campaigns and advertising. I assure you that the poor don?t pay for this.

When will people learn who their enemies are?

Did slavery end, or did it just evolve into something more nefarious and cunning?

I say wake the fuck up. It starts with you, America. Evil happens when good men do nothing. Capitalism must end or the human race will not survive.

P.S. There are three things you can do to help.

1) The system isolates people from one another by giving them conflicting interests from their competition. The way it hides this is by uniting the people in hatred of something else.

Unity is everything provided we face the right enemy. Tell people who the enemy is. They will not believe you, so be patient and persist. Do not let ignorance destroy us.

2) Do not have anything to do with the military.

The military takes orders from the government, but the government takes orders from the banking industry. War is about profit because the system is a business and not a charity. The best way to convince men to fight is to make them want to fight. Think about it.

Don’t fall for the jingoism bullshit. There are no great pieces of land, just great people.

3) Know your enemy.

The system that lets most people suffer in poverty and a few to wallow in self-indulgence because of bloodline or blind luck is the enemy. This is the same system the Romans used, and will end in the same way. The greed of a few is holding back evolution for the rest.

The heart of the enemy is the banking industry. The banking industry perpetuates debt and most horrifyingly of all, it keeps people static. It weighs them down with car loans, mortgages, personal finance, stock options, credit cards, overdrafts etc….. The point is to keep you in permanent debt, and therefore an employee of the bank until you die. Everybody works for the banks: the only difference lies between those that know it and those that don?t.

Strike the heart.

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  1. It’s been a while I saw his notice. You’d have to contact tpb for ip’s but they won’t give you, if they even keep em (probably not 🙂 )

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