inMail Buggers

Some people really don’t get the message. I don’t mind getting inMail in linkedIn about job opportunities. But when I reply that I’m not interested, please leave me alone.

On 02/09/11 5:52 AM, IDQ 0485/XX.XXX.XX wrote:
Currently looking for exact your profile for a very interesting opportunity.
I’m looking for excellent JAVA profiles! The salarypackage offered is above market standards + 40 holidays + (company car, mobile phone, laptop,…). Please add me so I can send you the full jobdescription. Greetings, I

My reply:
Thank you for you interest, but I’m currently not interested in job opportunities that require me to switch employer.

Kind Regards


Then you get a reply, I would expect just a message stating: “thank you for your quick reply, and my apologies for bugging you.” Or something like that. But no. They go on bugging me. And the worst is they try to bribe you. (See my in line reply in italic)

On 2/9/11 2:47 PM, IDQ 0485/XX.XXX.XX wrote:
>Thank you for your feedback.
>Do you have people in your network who could be interested in a very challenging >opportunity in JAVA?

Of course I know people who could be interested, but you have probably send your message already to them too. As I heard from some of them …..

> If you can give me your emailadres I will send you a full >jobdescription. You are >free to dispatch this in your network.
>People can contact me for further information and details about the company.
>Already thanks for your collaboration.
>P.S. we give very nice reward gifts if you can give me contact details OR a cv. >We keep your details and name confidential and very discreet.

I find this somehow a contradiction. You’d expect me to give contact details of people and I’d receive a gift? How can I trust your companies confidentiality with my own contact details if you try to bribe people for contact information.


The person in question has a very nice looking picture, what makes me wonder why she puts her phone number next to her name. Makes me think she actually wanted to post her profile on a dating site. In my humble opinion, putting your name and phone number as name in linkedIn is totally unprofessional. The last person who did that, and was a contact of me, was also bugging her network with silly recruitment requests, hence kicked out of my contact list immediately.

Of course I replaced the phone and name here to beware her from perverts trying to call her for a blow job.

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