Typeaheadmap Updated

Typeaheadmap has been updated to 1.0.1

The only change: sticky last item

Updating should not be a problem. To use the sticky last item add ‘notfound’ to your typeaheadmap config. It could look like (more example here:

		"source" : listofcapitals,
		"notfound": new Array({'k' :"Capital Does Not Exist?", 'v': "",'d': "You typed something that is not in the list"}),
		"key" : "k",
		"value" : "v",
		"items": 11,
		"listener" : function(k, v) {
		    $(listofcapitals).each(function(i, itm) {
				if (itm["k"] == k && itm["v"]==v) {
		"displayer": function(that, item, highlighted) {
		    return highlighted + ' (' + item[that.value] + ' )' 

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  1. In the mean time Typeaheadmap has been updated to 1.0.2

    Changes? Fixed not working arrow keys in Firefox 17 by merging in changes from bootstrap typeahead.
    Updating should not influence any working typeaheadmap code in your sites. @see

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