Going on holidays and leaving all means of communication behind, except an offline GPS, makes you realize how much you’re used to all these ways of communication like Twitter, Google+, news sites, cellphoning, searchengines etc.

Before going on holidays for a week I decided not to take my smartphone with me. It must have been almost 2 years I was disconnected from the outside world for at least a week. Was it hard to bare?

No. However I occasionally thought ‘if I could Twitter this sentence, I would’ or ‘I should post that picture’ but only seconds later the thought slipped away to make place for peace of mind.
When you really miss it are the moments where you’d use the internet for looking up openinghours, shops, things to do in the neighbourhood of the holiday location.
Other then that it’s good to leave behind all means of communication and take a step back 23 years to the Era without cellphones, tablets and internet everywhere. Whether you want it or not, you will think more, reflect on yourself, stand still by the simple things in life and come back refreshed. Or maybe be burned out with what you’re doing and decide to take another road. (not my case)

One thing I decided is that I will cut off all communication more often. Starting from now with disabling most auto update things on my smartphone. Only let it auto update when the screen is on, since you’re already looking at it then anyway. Look at it like a kind of pomodore for communication. (not that I will take the smartphone every 25 minutes to activate auto update!)

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