Setting up the mobile workstation

Post to myself so I don’t forget how and what I installed

In July, 3 days before my holidays kicked off, my worklaptop got stolen. Meanwhile I have a new one. An Asus N76V which contains an i7, 8gb ram and a nice geforce 630m 2gb ram videocard for occasional gaming. This all works nice and smooth under Windows7. But for working I prefer Linux of course!
And there the fun starts:
As OS I choose a freshly downloaded Ubuntu Desktop 64bit Continue reading “Setting up the mobile workstation”

Het pleidooi voor beter roltrap gebruik

(Note: the same post exists in English here)

Tegenwoordig vind je wel overal roltrappen. Zeker in ruimtes die gerelateerd zijn aan publiek transport (zoals stations). Die roltrappen dienen om je vlugger naar boven of naar beneden te verplaatsen, of voor de luie mensen, om niet te moeten stappen.

Na enkele jaren het roltrap gebruik van Jan Modaal te hebben geanalyseerd ben ik tot de conclusie gekomen dat de meeste mensen het volgende over een roltrap denken: “Oh, dit is een trap die me naar boven (of naar beneden) brengt. Waarom zou ik zelf bewegen? Ik blijf hier mooi staan.”

Het resultaat van de bovenstaande actie is dat het eigenlijke nut van een roltrap volledig zijn doel voorbij schiet, Continue reading “Het pleidooi voor beter roltrap gebruik”

Format time.

For a change I decided to give Ubuntu 11.04 a try on my laptop. With earlier version there were always issues with the wireless card disconnecting itself, these seem to be solved with the newest drivers so finally I don’t have a reason anymore to not use Ubuntu.

Installing Ubuntu is a piece of cake. Inserts cd, click a couple buttons and done. I disabled the Unity interface, didn’t like it at al!

Of course I need a JDK so sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk was my choice for installing the JDK.

Maven cannot be left out. It seems the software repository of Ubuntu only has a maven2, so I’ve manually downloaded maven3 from ASF, extracted and moved it to /opt/apache-maven-3.0.3 ( sudo mv apache-maven-3.0.3 /opt ) To be able to execute maven in the terminal I create a symlink to mvn in /bin ( ln -s /opt/apache-maven-3.0.3/bin/mvn /bin/mvn ) Now the maven executable should be reachable from any where.

Installing git and svn is also a piece of cake sudo apt-get install git and sudo apt-get install subversion

As IDE I use eclipse, there is an eclipse package from Ubuntu. But again, it’s not the latest and the greatest. I don’t want to wait for the latest to be packaged and then be able to just one click install it so this one also gets downloaded manually. I did the same as for maven and placed it in the /opt folder. I don’t know if that’s a good place for it but I’m the only one using that machine so I guess it’s ok.

Other applications installed: CopyXML Editor a very simple but effective xml editor.
FileZila ftp client.
Nautilus which adds icons and actions to files and folders that are connected with git or svn, just like tortoise on windows.
Replaced Evolution with Thunderbird.
Wireshark. MySQL Admin and Querybrowser.

Some other stuff installed from command line:
Gnu-gpg, ntfs. Mysql.

Probably I added more, but can’t remember. That is the reason for this post. If I post it I don’t have to remember, I can look it up.

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