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How to add iText® in your pom dependencies


How to add XMLWorker in your pom dependencies


Note to self, set NLS parameters for Oracle DB Clients

We had to import an sql script delivered by a US based company in an Oracle 11g database. Everything went fine except for to_timestamp function that had letter code month values. All to_timestamps with MAR for March failed. As not being a dba I searched around bit and found out that the database we’re importing in should be set to American language and American Territory. Quite logic actually.

But it didn’t help.
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Applying different interceptors when using @Endpoint and PayloadRootAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping


On the job we needed two webservice. Both in the same web context and servlet. We’re using the PayloadRootAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping which scans for  @Endpoint annotations to detect webservice endpoints.

We defined some interceptors for validation and security, the problem here was that only one of the two @Endpoint’s needed to be secured but with the annotation mapping it seems that all interceptors configured in the xml config file affect all @Endpoint.

After some googling and reading through the spring-ws reference I found that there currently is no solution or work around available. Which seems a bit dull. I did not want to create two servlet contexts I just wanted different interceptors for each @Endpoint annotated class.

Little thinking led me to the following solution: let’s extend PayloadRootAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping#createEndpointInvocationChain to add the needed interceptor to the invocation chain.

This resulted in an annotation to define interceptors defined in the application context
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