Children’s wisdom

The first thing I noticed when exiting the train in Antwerp Central Station.
A police officer with a semi automatic machinegun.
The aftermath of the Charlie shooting in Paris.

Second thing: it doesn’t make me feel safer. On the contrary. I feel uncomfortable and don’t trust it.

In the evening when I tell my seven year old son what I saw, he replied: ‘No, it can’t be. Cops  do not carry machine guns’

Now that’s real wisdom.

Why broken shoes are great

Somewhere half 2013 I bought myself a new pair of shoes. They were of the very very cheap kind and hence with the low price, came the low quality. After a single game of football (soccer) with my youngest kid there was a hole in it. But, me being a bit stubborn, on holidays that time,  and just bought the shoes a month before, refused to go and buy new shoes instantly.

I decided to wear em a bit longer till they’re worn off. Somehow I ended up wearing them till they really are broken. See for yourself

2013-12-09 09.39.04

You probably think like “What the heck? Why do you wear that?” It’s fairly simple why having broken shoes is great! And there are at least 3 reasons!
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Dagelijkse kijk van aan de andere kant van het kantoor

As requested by @wk_yuen

Another view outside the office (although the blinds are almost always closed when I’m looking to my right)