Burma monks on the fight

The UN let the world know they don’t like the evolution in Burma. The demonstrating population led by the Buddhist Monks is being suppressed and shot on by the police and military. Since the demonstraters are peacefull till now the UN calls upon the leaders of Burma not to use force or… there will be sanctions. Continue reading “Burma monks on the fight”

me versus msie

While refactoring a site I work on as admin for a while now, I encountered again the frustration of Microsoft Internet Explorer that can’t handle CSS in the right way. While creating the CSS file for it, I always check multiple browsers. But of course I must forget to check the site in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. The result of not checking is that you can start writing your css almost again from top to bottom. Continue reading “me versus msie”

Yet another blog

Indeed, yet another blog. While there are already many booming blog communities. You probably wonder. ‘Why this’. Actually I just wonder it myself. I’m not that of a writer except programming code in Java and Php.

But maybe, who knows, once in a while I could have something to say. Hopefully not only about programming applications and other nerdy stuff. No ! I’m a nerd with a social life, who is also interested in politics and environment issues. call it a geek ! Continue reading “Yet another blog”