Are you a developer, Have you seen it? Project Lambda

Are you a developer, Have you seen it?

Simon Ritter at the VirtualJug–>  Project Lambda

You should see it, and then talk to your boss. Lambda’s the thing that could convince your boss to finally update the JVM from anything lower then 8 to 8 !!! (If you convince him/her right)

ps A wild guess.  The arrow sytax ->  seems to be coming from PHP

We don’t attend Devoxx for eating, do we?

In 2013 I attended the Devoxx Conference, the last 3 days. Going to both the university and conference causes topic redundancy that, in my case, would result in brainfreeze and lack of attention after 3 days.

The overall Devoxx experience is usually one where I drink coffee from dawn till dusk, pick up some tools, books, jsr’s . Old or new architectural ideas I somehow missed out on during the year and will put to good use in the next year, drink beers in the evening and eat bad food during the day (except for the fruit, that’s good).

Yes it must be said: Devoxx usually great Java and Java related content but no one probably knows a conference where there is that much complaining about the food. Some lone ranger dares to claim it’s good, I pity that rangers and wonder how bad his or her food is at home. Then again, organizing lunch for 3500 people probably isn’t that easy. But enough about the food!

We don’t attend Devoxx for eating do we? We go there for Java!

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Java ‘Virtual’ User Group

Have you enrolled yet?

The vJUG Banner

Since the beginning of November 2013 there is a new JUG in earth town. The ideal JUG for all Java people that sometimes have a hard time to get to there own local JavaUserGroup due to the remote locations or the bad timings and such.

The group is gathered on meetup. Given that it only just started and already had 3 sessions and over 650 members in 1 month, that’s a great start!

Session are brought to you using Google Hangouts + Live Streaming on the VirtualJUG YouTube channel, other communications like questions to presenters during the sessions are done via IRC on freenode. You can reach #virtualJUG channel (beware the # it’s also part of the channel name) with any IRC Client or through the webchat.

All sessions are recorded and minutes after session end you can watch it again on the YouTube channel. If if you don’t want to join you might want to watch a session there!

See you at the vJUG meetings.

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