Opleiding Java Ontwikkelaar Gaat binnekort van start.

Houdt Java voor u iets meer in dan een exotische bestemming of een lekker kopje koffe?
Voelt u zich thuis in een wereld vol Beans en Servlets, maar mist u de nodige studies of
werkervaring? Dan is deze kosteloze opleiding zeker iets voor u!

Opleiding Java Ontwikkelaar

Inschrijven ? ASAP want de opleiding start op 28 januari

Daily WTF

A colleague of mine recently got a question from some one he’s working with on a big Java project at a company he’s stationed for the moment:

Q: if I have a Long with value 1615 and divide it with another long with value 1000, where did the numbers behind the . go ?

“als ik een long1=1615 deel door long2=1000, waar zijn mijn nummers na de comma naartoe?”

Answer by my colleague: read the SCJP book

When he told me this I really was rofling!
Unfortunatly the questionairre really ment it. I, perhaps, should have been crying instead of laughing. My condoleances, my dear colleague that you have to program together with that kind of Java ‘programmers’

J2EE/Webdeveloper Course

[Warning: this post is only relevant for dutch-speaking in flanders living, unemployed people]

For those who would like to learn Java and get the opportunity to qualify as Sun Certified Java Programmer, the course I followed will start again on 15th March. It could really be called one of the best courses in Flanders/Belgium, with currently a employment chance of 100%. You get prepared as Junior Java Developer.

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