Tools and stuff picked up on devoxx conference

loadUI РA load testing tool with a nice looking graphical JavaFX gui, definitely  worth to take a look at. It can integrate with soapUI and run distributed (e.g. on Amazons infrastructure.

Activiti – an ASF Licenced business process management tool that came forth of jBPM. It allows you to create your business process (in diagrams, allowing you to add your own diagram if needed ), you can embed activiti in your application, it embeds in the database, transactions, domain model, tests and spring configuration. For some things a system like this can be useful. A friend of mine summarizes a bit more here

Tools and stuff to remember from devoxx university

frameworks worth to checkout

kauri a restfull web application framework that does not need to run in an EE or servlet container.

lilly a HBase – solr based scaleable storage and retrieval system with versioning and mixing.

geomajas – a web mapping framework java backend – gwt frontend (I already knew that but hey.. advertisement )

SOLoist – design uml – compile to java and gwt as front end, kinda cool idea but I will not use it


JCite – a java source code citation tool, very cool for creating manuals from your framework for developers

Bumbelbee – a tool that transforms your javadoc written in tests to a manual for developers

lzPack – installer tool

Maven 3

I knew i did not had to write down anything, I saw Joachim do it al for me!

Check out his post on Bejug Maven3 session read the post