0x20 – newline

NewLine is a small conference organised by the hackerspace in Ghent to celebrate their first year of existence.

Things picked up on NewLine worth to visit or test.

Loadays – Linux open admin days

Tor – what is tor: a solution for not being seen on the internet. Tor was started by the us navy with the intent of more anonymity for their spies. You can setup a node to join the tor network. Tor is a socks proxy interface but a proxy alone is not enough, there still are cookies etc. But the tor network routes your traffic encrypted through at least 3 nodes. To setup your box to.use tor, you have to setup a proxy to connect all connections to tor. To be truly secure also a web proxy that filters http headers ( pollipo ) and set your dns’s to pass dns request also through the tor network is required. There also is a FireFox extensions to setup your FireFox settings the right way for tor.

Mesh networking. Routing different wireless networks to make one big network. Around Barcelona the people in towns use wifree (wi-free?) a mesh routing network for connecting to the internet because the ADSL is to slow. There is a network like this in Gent.

Some pictures:


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