We all do agile because it’s ‘hot’

So, I went to the Brussels Agile Tour 2013. An annual conference about agile, at least if you count two years in a row annual. It’s a relatively small conference with around 150 attendees, 5 tracks with each 5 slots. I personally consider it a good conference, because in this two years I picked up some things to take home with me. No, not gadgets or stuff from sponsors but valuable ideas to bring in practice or read up about to get deeper into them. What did I pick up this year?
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Going on holidays and leaving all means of communication behind, except an offline GPS, makes you realize how much you’re used to all these ways of communication like Twitter, Google+, news sites, cellphoning, searchengines etc.

Before going on holidays for a week I decided not to take my smartphone with me. It must have been almost 2 years I was disconnected from the outside world for at least a week. Was it hard to bare?
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Not everything is IT

Birthday cupcakes for one of my sons birthday.


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