Buy local, support your quarantined local shops

Or at least that is the behaviour they are trying to make us do. And so we try, because of course in these Corona times the local shops owned by the little the businessman can use all support they can get. All shops are allowed to do package delivery as long as they are closed for Corona and can do it with respect for social distancing rules.

The problem is most don’t have a website you can order from. You fall back to the local bigger store. I need some have duty tape and permanent markers (total cost 15 €). No small local shop to get that from.

I went on the online shops of the bigger DIY stores. Hubo, Gamma, Brico still somewhat local. The delivery time at these shop varied from 1 to 3 weeks and undeliverable with a base delivery cost of 15 to 64 Euro.

I am all for buying local and keeping the supply chain shorter but seems in Belgium shops just act like retards.

I checked on Amazon, found the tools I needed for 0 delivery cost and it took 5 days, weekend included, to get here.

I wonder why the local shops make it so unfriendly to buy from them…

PS: Turns out it came from an Amazon depot in Belgium. Besos made it somehow a bit local.

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