Results of ‘a small survey about logging’

I’ve recently conducted a survey about logging. Whilst it’s not a complete correct survey ( I left out Log4j2 oops! Sorry, next time better! And I will definitely try it out )

You can now follow up on the results here on RebelLabs , they gave me the opportunity to post the results there. And so I did. Head over to RebelLabs and read the summary!


Swagger JAXB

JAXB XJC Plugin for automatically adding annotations from Swagger to generated classes from an XSD. I’ve created this when I noticed that for very complex schemas when there are references that stack the Swagger UI Javascript gave Stackoverflow errors, adding the annotations manually to the generated classes fixed it. But: you don’t want to change generated code huh! Thus swagger-jaxb emerged from the need to add swagger annotations automatically.

Please note this plugin is in development phase !! Currently only available with maven through the sonatype snapshot repositories. It is not complete and there are some open issues, but you can already use it.

Is all going well ?

Tests run in separate project, but do they work ? see here for the code

How to use it?

  • build the plugin with maven and install it in your local repo or get it from an external repo like sonatypes snapshot repository
  • add the plugin to your classpath and use -swaggify on your jaxb command line or use it with jaxb2-maven-plugin

The plugin dependencies are needed until the JAXB2 plugin is updated to use the latest version of jaxb-xjc and jaxp. Otherwise the code generation will fail due to missing methods. Note: I think this will change the generated code for boolean getters/setters, not fully sure I must verify it to be sure 🙂

post an issue at github if you really want dev version in Maven Central.

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