Quantum12 and his mission

Interesting comment paster Quantum12 from TPB wrote/copy/pastes it everywhere, it seems he/she made it his/her mission to enlighten the people:

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Yes, They won!

The pirate party of Sweden conquered one seat in the European parliament

The Belgian Kremlin

Here in Belgium we have a Kremlin, did you now that? There is a village called Aalter, the rulers of that village family name is the Crem’s, hence we call the city hall over there The Kremlin. They’ve been the major for ages in Aalter. But recently, with the last federal elections, one of these became Minister of Defense.

Suddenly Belgium needs to send 4 of it’s little amount of over aged F-16 Fighter jet to Afghanistan together with a bunch of military instructors to train the army over there. Sending jets made a lot of commotion since most of the politicians (and Belgians too most likely) don’t want the army to fight. They want it to make peace and do humanitarian stuff.  But that’s not the thought of De Crem(lin or maybe Gremlin?). The Minister, who’s not even worth to be one but that aside, even wants to end the mine sweep operation in Lebanon to spend the money on an active army. Under an active army De Crem understands an army that shoots and kills and does like G.W. Bushes army did/does.

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