Everything is an algorithm

Everything is an algorithm or Geek Powerpoints from TV

The best stuff from the last Stargate Serie (that being Stargate Universe) not the best, a ship ‘lost’ in space. A science fiction scenario that comes back once every X years (Star Trek Voyager, Battlestar Galactica, … probably more ..)

Even the great Dr McKay knew it. See his first slide in a presentation in Stargate Universe ‘S02 E15’. We never saw the rest of the slides though 🙁 wondering what they would have been.

But talking about algorithms, it is true. You find them everywhere. Our whole universe and life consists of patterns and algorithms.

some interesting books & talks about that:
Ron Eglash on fractals (TEDx)
everything is math (book)

Could keep on going, but you must find your own path.

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