Struts (can’t find validator-rules.xml after editing)

Recently I wrote some classes to extend the Struts validation framework(Struts 1.3.8). I edited the validator-rules.xml file and, as I’m used to do, I pressed ctrl+shift+f in Eclipse. Which means format the document.

The next logical step was. Run and test. Oh noooooooo’s !!!!! What happened? No validation happening at all.

Unbelievable or not but Struts could not find any validator-rules.xml . Maybe a little error in the validator-rules file? ( The first logic reaction). Validate & Check conclusion nothing wrong. Recheck the classes for errors: conclusion, nothing wrong. ( I knew that before I checked it! But…. good practice to check again). Removed anything I wrote into the validator-rules to restore it in original state -> no result.

Next step: search the internet for similar errors:
Nice results! Forums and mailing archives telling me a lot of stuff I could do. Continue reading “Struts (can’t find validator-rules.xml after editing)”