Stop sleeping, start awaiting

On Devoxx there was a quicky session named ‘Stop sleeping, start awaiting’

The speaker presented Awaitility. A test-framework for helping you out waiting on objects. Mainly usable for testing asynchronous code in unit testing. A unit test does not wait for code to be executed, developers tend to use Object.sleep(xxx) but this will not always work. On some systems the xxx needs more milliseconds then on others. In the end you’ll be waiting ( rather sleeping) while all the tests that have sleep() run. The whole testsuite will go very slow.

Awaitility is a framework to help you wait for code to be executed,
It goes like:


It’s like a mocking framework. Personally I do the same with mockito and java.util.concurrency waiting and locking classes. But perhaps Awaitility will make you create the tests faster.

This is certainly one framework I will try out!

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