Microsoft and EcmaScript 4 / Javascript 2

Since the Proposed EcmaScript 4 document came out, Microsoft and others are trying to push trough their standards.

If you are interested in this. Read this open letter from the CTO of Mozilla to the Lead Architect for Internet Explorer.

I find it all somehow a little amusing. War over code !

How long will it take before some frustrated developer picks up a stick and beats an Ms employee to death?

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Eclipse Fall Edition – PermGen Space Error

In the latest J2EE version of the eclipse IDE crawled a bug. If you keep getting an error named as PermGen space error (look in your .log to check for the error after an eclipse crash), there is a simple fix for it.

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me versus msie

While refactoring a site I work on as admin for a while now, I encountered again the frustration of Microsoft Internet Explorer that can’t handle CSS in the right way. While creating the CSS file for it, I always check multiple browsers. But of course I must forget to check the site in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. The result of not checking is that you can start writing your css almost again from top to bottom. Continue reading “me versus msie”