itextdoc 2.0.0

itextdoc has been updated to version 2.0.0

2.0.0 introduces a code styler module. This module styles Java code by colouring it like in your IDE.

By adding the attribute code=”java” to a tag, the inner text is seen as Java code. It is even possible to include a file through a new tag.

The <codepart> tag.

With the codepart tag you can designate a file that will not be seen as html and hence will not be parsed as such but for example as Java code a.

<codepart file="" code="java"/>

will do the trick.

see here for itextdoc usage and some background info

What questions they dare to ask?

Shouldn’t some people really be ashamed of what questions they dare to ask?

It’s been a week I looked at the itext mailing list, and 2 mails really stood out to me because I could have a good laugh (shame on me for laughing)

Code WTF’s
1. someone trying to set a static final variable:

Noob Alert
2 .Do you know what a servlet is? A web application? Tomcat? If not, you’re building a house starting from the rooftop.
( at least Steve warns/admits ‘newbie’ and he seems willing to learn. But he received a brilliant answer )

XMLWorker Documentation ( itextdoc )

As promised after the release of iText and XMLWorker, there would be a release of itextdoc. Our project to parse our own documentation for the XMLWorker with the XMLWorker.

The itextdoc maven plugin is now available from Maven Central. To use it in your build cycle of a project add


What does it do and how can you use it?

itextdoc transforms html to PDF with iText and XMLWorker. Optionally you can transform the html to a styled website but that’s still under construction.

By default the plugin looks for a folder itextdoc under the src folder. Easily configure another folder by adding a configuration to the executuion.

  <flatsite>true</flatsite> // enable generation of a site
  <site>true</site> // enable generation of a javascript driven site
  <src>src/doc</src> // change default source directory

Currently only a doc.xml file is accepted as the xml file wherein you define the different html files (or one) and your CSS file.

The result is something like this. The initial documentation for itext doc, not styled with custom css.

To create a website use the site and flatsite configuration parameters. But the site generation is not yet fully functioning.

Where to request features and report bugs?

At sourceforge features, bugs.

Other links
check for latest version

Note: don’t forget iText, XMLWorker are AGPL.

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