Released Swagger JAXB Plugin

It maybe 4 years overdue, but thanks to issue 7 on swagger-jaxb I have finally released swagger-jaxb 1.5 into Maven Central.  You can now all use it in your favourite build tool that supports m2 repositories, or build it yourself from the repository. ( That is, if you use Java 8 )

swagger-jaxb is a jaxb plugin that adds @ApiModel and @ApiModelProperty to your generated classes. You could use it with the jaxb2-maven-plugin, see the repo for information.

You may also report issues on the github repo

Stop copying that TestSuccessException

Finally you can stop copying that TestSuccessException you write when writing tests with mocking.

I’ve put it in a jar and uploaded it to Maven Central.


The code is on GitHub there is also an EmptyHttpServletRequest, can be useful when calling methods that need a HttpServletRequest as parameter. ( e.g. in Mockito you can’t mock interfaces, so you can mock with the EmptyHttpServletRequest )

At the time being those where the one I needed, want to add more? Just leave an issue on GitHub and/or send a pull request for interesting stuff.

Logback-webfragment in repo

Logback-webfragment (Java7 version) is now available in Maven Central.

The following dependency declaration in your pom will get it for you.


View the details in nexus, view the maven site

Upon request, I can upload the Java 6 version too.

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