How to use escalators

In every major city there is at least 1 or more escalator in use for public transport (duh!). It’s a convenience staircase. The main purpose is: ‘it makes you move faster’.

How do a lot of people think about an escalator?
After analyzing people that use staircases (in Brussels), I came to the conclusion that the majority of users think of an escalator like this: “Hey this stair is moving me up (or down). Why the f*** would I move myself.”. What happens on these stairs is that a bunch of people start blocking the way up (or down). The result of their action is that the main purpose of the escalator is being ignored, unless it’s a very fast moving one. I can tell you about numerous moments that I took regular stairs and found myself faster up (or down, even more fast)  then the bunch of headless people blocking the escalator.

If you think about it here is an easy solution! If you want to stand still, because you’re a lazy freaking ass, stand on the right side of the escalator path. People that want to move fast can then easily pass on the left side. (Actually this kind of behavior is common sence in e.g. London)

I propose that besides the sign:  which means don’t put your foot to the side of the escalator (since it seems that the Crock kinda shoe can get you stuck and make you loose your foot or who knows your whole leg).
We should have a sign like finally people would understand the whole point of an escalator!? I was even thinking of making a t-shirt out of it! It’s not because two people want to stand still that all the others who come behind them have to stop moving.

So far my call for better use of the escalator.

ps: f*** is not what you think it means.

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